Program Committee Duties

  1. Secure teachers for the 9 pm lesson during your month. Remember that the last Thursday of the month is refreshments.
  2. Send the teacher’s name and the dance ( name, type and country origin ) to Bill for his weekly announcement. If you can give Bill all this information a few days before your month starts, this would be helpful.
  3. List the dances taught at 7 pm and 9 pm in the red binder.
  4. Remind the members who are scheduled to do the evening programs during your month. Call or leave a message for the member on Tuesday or Wednesday before the Thursday evening dance. You could also give them a small written reminder.
  5. Encourage the member running the Thursday program to play easy dances and recently taught dances between 8 pm and 9 pm. This helps to get more people dancing. These taught dances are listed chronologically in the red binder.
  6. Remind the person bringing the treats for the last Thursday. Remind the member the weekend before that Thursday.
  7. Help clean the pavilion towards the end of the evening. Hopefully, the program member for the evening will also help.
  8. Let Bill know if you do not want the pavilion for the second Sunday of your month. Let Bill know 30 days before your scheduled second Sunday. We need to let the MVDC know this 30 days in advance so we don’t get charged for the pavilion. Bill is our representative to the MVDC.